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Carpet Tile

Thanks to their smaller size, carpet tiles are easier to lift, move and install compared to broadloom carpet. Their modularity also typically produces less waste during installation, as you are able to select tiles in various sizes to better fit specific spaces.



Both VCT and LVT are great options for high traffic areas such as healthcare, education or commercial spaces. As resilient products they are also ideal for spaces with topical moisture or spills such as multi-stall bathrooms, sink areas or break rooms. 

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one the best, most affordable, durable flooring options available on the market. Constructed out of clay, water, and minerals, then fired at high temperatures, ceramic tile has a dense construction that allows it to withstand wet areas, especially public restrooms. Given its nonporous surface, it doesn’t absorb moisture or bacteria.

High Perfomance Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are commonly used for commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy loads.

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